Forbes Scott Community

My interest in the family tree is about a much larger network of people that stems from the forbes siblings, the children of Alexander Forbes and Jane Thomas and The Scott Family. I would like to create a Forbes and Scott community where all the descendants of Alexander Forbes and James Scott can come together to share information, photographs and events of this amazing family. The search for family members has got me communicating with people in Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and it has given family members an opportunity to reunite and communicate with each other. Please send this web site to any one that you know, that are descendants of the Forbes and Scott siblings as well as the other connections to my grandparents on my dad's and my mom's family.

Dot Scott has published a book 'Girl in a Blue Bonnet' which is now available from Crink of Pretoria (H/O in Cape Town).  It is a wonderful book outlining the life of Daisy Quarterman and her work in the Salvation army in South Africa with her husband Walter Scott. He is one of the son's of James Scott and Annie Forbes. It describes life in South Africa at that time and gives us insight into the hardships of the Anglo Boer war!!

There is a webtrees family tree attached to this website. You need to sign in to have access to all those family members on the family tree tab