Douglas Bradshaw

Douglas James Bradshaw was the son Of James Harold Scott and Eileen Iris Ireland. They both died in 1934 when he was just 4 years old and his older sister Cynthia and himself were taken in by his maternal granny Annabella Bradshaw. Annabella Bradshaw was born MacLennan from Stornaway in the outer Hebredes; She married James Guthrie Ireland from Ayrshire in Scotland. Her death notice says she had 4 children. I have only traced 2 so far. Her son Robert James Guthrie Ireland died in 1911 just 8 years old. Her daughter Eileen Iris died in 1934. When she adopted Douglas and Cynthia she was married to a John Harry Bingham Bradshaw. In 1935 Douglas and Cynthia's Surname was legally changed from Scott to Bradshaw.

Douglas was married to Vivienne Sadie Bradshaw. They Lived in Durban and had 5 daughters. He went to DHS as a boarder. He was Rugby captain and played for Natal schools and SCHOOL was always the pride of his life. He bought and owned Da Vinci Shirts where he worked his whole life.

This is the obituary of Harold Scott the father of Douglas James Bradshaw

It is with sincere regret that we record the death of Mr J Harold Scott which took place at Lyndale on Monday Last. It will be remembered that both Mr and Mrs Scott went down with Enteric fever, and that Mrs Scott passed away last month. The late Mr Scott appeared to be making good progress towards recovery, when pneumonia set in. Coming after a severe illness this proved to much for his constitution. The deceased who was 40 years of age and who was born and grew up in this district, was of a kindly nature and greatly esteemed by his many friends. He was a staunch member of the English church and for several years was a church officer. The funeral took place in town on Tuesday last, at which the Rev. J H Edington officiated. The first part of the service was held at St Stephen's Church, which was crowded, many people being unable to obtain admission. About 20 members of the local Lodge of Freemasons were present. At the conclusion of the church service at the graveside, a masonic service was conducted by Wor. Brother N J Loubscher. The late Mr Scott has left two young children. We tender our sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Exact wording from the Barkly East Newspaper