James Scott

James Scott was born on 10 August 1820 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His fathers name was William and his mother Catherine. We do not know at this point how many brothers and sisters he had.

• 2 Jul 1839: Enlisted in "Scottish Engineers", Edinburgh, Midlothian. Recruited as carpenter/private in Royal Corps of Sappers and Miners. Employed at Woolwich and Chatham, England.

• Apr 1842: Posted as Private 2nd class, 10th Company, to Fort Peddie, Cape Colony.7 10th Company stationed at Fort Beaufort

• 27 Jun 1842: Court Martialled for " being drunk on the line of march, breaking his Firelock and taking 10 rounds of ammunition from another man." Sentenced to four lunar months imprisonment in the Military Provost at Grahamstown.

• 1842: Imprisoned in the Military Provost in Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Colony. Demoted to Private Third Class.

• Mar 1845: Posted as Private 3rd class, 10th Company, to Retief, Cape Colony. • 1846-47: War of the Axe on the Eastern frontier of the Cape Colony.

• 1 Aug 1849: Posted as Private 3rd class, 9th Company, to Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Colony.  9th Company stationed at Fort Murray, British Kaffaria.

• Oct 1849: Posted as Private 3rd class to Fort Peddie, Cape Colony.9 9th Company stationed at King Williams Town.

• 31 Oct 1850 Discharged: From 9th. Company, Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Colony. • 1852: Settled: as General Dealer in Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape.

• 1858: Chairman of Municipal Council, Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape. • He worked as a General Dealer in 1882 in Queenstown, Eastern Cape • He was buried in a Scott family plot in Queenstown cemetery

Information given to me by Bill NIMMO